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About Shiastu

Shiatsu facts

· Shiatsu is a physical therapy which has its foundation in Eastern medicine, and is integrated with knowledge of Western anatomy, physiology and pathology.

· Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure” and has been referred to as “acupuncture without needles”.

· Shiatsu therapy involves the application of comfortable sustained pressure to the body surface. No lubricants such as oils or lotions are used. Clients can choose to remain clothed (loose clothes are best). 

· In the highly technologically-oriented society of Japan, shiatsu therapy is fully incorporated into the Japanese health care system where it has been regulated as a distinct health profession since 1964.

· Due to consumer demand, many insurance companies now include shiatsu therapy for coverage under extended health insurance plans.

· The Shiatsu Therapy Association of Ontario (S.T.A.O.) was formed in 1983 to represent the interests of professionally trained shiatsu therapists, to educate the public and to seek government regulation of shiatsu therapy. Members are self-regulated under strict by-laws. Protection of the public is our primary objective.

· Only practicing members of the S.T.A.O. are entitled to use the designation CST® (Certified Shiatsu Therapist™) under the Canada Trademarks Act. 

· Certified Shiatsu Therapists™ have undertaken a minimum of 2200 hours of shiatsu training (or the S.T.A.O. approved equivalent). This is the most extensive training anywhere in the world outside of Japan. CSTs are located in Ontario, across Canada and internationally.