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Lodging a formal complaint against a CST®

The S.T.A.O. is a self-regulating body mandated to protect the interests of the public by setting the highest standards of training and practice in shiatsu therapy in North America.

A CST® (Certified Shiatsu Therapist™) is a practicing member of the S.T.A.O. CSTs have agreed in writing to abide by the association'scode of ethics and to adhere to high standards of practice. If you feel that your CST® has not acted responsibly, then you may make a complaint to the S.T.A.O.

We welcome phone inquiries as many questions can be resolved by discussions. A formal complaint against a CST® must be received by the S.T.A.O. in writing and must identify the conduct or actions of an identified CST of the S.T.A.O. 

Since we have no jurisdiction over non-members, we are unable to deal with complaints against non-members. Nevertheless we encourage you to report any concerns or complaints to us because the S.T.A.O. maintains a log of complaints against non-CSTs as well. We may also be able to help you to find out where you can get some help.

When the complaint is received, a panel of the Complaints Committee will investigate it according to the association's protocol. 

To contact the S.T.A.O.:
7B Pleasant Blvd. Suite 1056
Toronto, Ontario Canada M4T 1K2
Tel: (Toronto, Canada): 416-923-STAO (7826)
Toll-free (Can. & U.S.): 1-877-923-STAO (7826)
E-mail: info@ShiatsuAssociation.com