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Board of directors and committees


The S.T.A.O. is governed by a constitution, bylaws and objectives. The volunteer Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Meeting in September of each year. The board consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three directors who meet on a regular basis to discuss and vote on matters of the association. The public sections of the board meetings are open to all interested members, as well as student representatives from the professional training schools.
The S.T.A.O. has a number of standing and ad-hoc committees including the following:
  • Membership  
  • Complaints
  • CST Violations
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Student liaison
  • Discipline 
  • Examinations
  • Bylaw & policy review
  • Regulation
  • Newsletter
The administrator of the S.T.A.O. professional liability and commercial general liability insurance plan is Kathy Chan of Lackner, McLennan Insurance Ltd. 818 Victoria St. N. Kitchener,Ontario N2B 3C1. Phone: 1 800 265-2625  ext 350;
Board of directors and committee chairs 2018-2019
President Rotating Board members  
Secretary Carolyn Kozole 416 719-4590
Treasurer Carolyn Kozole 416 719-4590
Director Colleen Kearns 905 424-9974
Director Ralf Rohrich 416 406-3498
Director Tim Phillips 416 850-6241
Director Carlos Praniauska 416 534-1140
Past Presidents
11/12/13                Chris Thompson
09/10       Carlos Praniauskas 416 534-1140
08/09 Ralf Rohrich

416 406-3498


Office Administrator: Carolyn Kozole 416 719-4590

Complaints: Tim Phillips 416 850-6241

CST Violations: All Board 

Discipline: All Board

Continuing Education: Colleen Kearns 905 424-9974

Marketing: All Board 

Elections: Carolyn Kozole 416 719-4590

Insurance Liaison & Website: Carolyn Kozole 416 719-4590

Insurance (Quest for Coverage): Carlos Praniauskas

Exams: STAO Board

Membership: Carolyn Kozole 416 719-4590

Newsletter: all Board members

Toronto Licensing: Timothy Phillips 416 850-6241

Receipts: Carolyn Kozole 416 719-4590

Regulation: All Board

Student Liaison: Carlos Praniauskas & Ralf Rohrich

Telephone: Carolyn Kozole

Outgoing Call Team: all Board members