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About US


1. To foster the traditional ideas, principles and practice of shiatsu therapy.

2. To foster high standards of education in shiatsu therapy through adherence to stringent membership eligibility qualifications.

3. To prescribe for its member, and to maintain in the public interest, a high standard of professional and ethical conduct.

4. To work to establish and support a national shiatsu therapy association.

5. To encourage and undertake public education concerning the aims, principles and practice of shiatsu therapy.

6. To promote communication and consultation among those practicing shiatsu therapy.

7. To promote communication and co-operation between shiatsu therapists and other individuals and organizations involved in the healing arts.

8. To promote and assist in the development of legislation by provincial government for the good of the pubic and of the shiatsu profession.

9. To encourage the professional development of those practicing shiatsu therapy.

10. To maintain contact with shiatsu educators and encourage the development of programs and activities which provide a high standard of instruction.

11. To maintain a registry of members.

12. To encourage research into shiatsu theory and practice.

13. To raise such money as is required to fulfill the association’s objectives.